"I Want To Meet President Obama!"

Of course, everyone’s secretly dreamed of meeting the President at the White House in the Oval Office and having a cordial dinner in the State Dining Room with the President, First Lady Michelle Obama, and the First Family.

But how many of America’s 300 million ordinary citizens actually do? Very few, indeed!

But now here’s your best chance to Meet President Obama!

Submit your own personal picture and those of your family and friends along with your contact information; proceed to write a funny script for a 5-framed cartoon; and if you win the this contest, we will create and publish your Barack Obama cartoon on our popular website and maybe even in newspapers around the world!

We’ll also send you Barack Obama, our book, and a full length poster of your cartoon!

“Who is the funniest?!”

There are lots of comedians, the professional and the amateurs looking to break through. Heck, some people have said that God’s a comedian and we’re simply missing the clever punch lines!

Anyway, if you have funny stories or smart one-liners, please submit your script for a five-framed cartoon and we’ll choose the best one, and publish it as a Barack Obama cartoon!